Affordable housing in Newcastle NSW

Affordable housing in Newcastle NSW We offer affordable housing in Newcastle in several key areas including Wallsend and Fletcher. All our newly built homes are affordable share accommodation. Out of respect for our occupants, we have a strictly no drugs on our premises policy. Our homes are either all female or all male occupants.   […]

The Benefits of Community Living

There really is a wide variety of reasons why community living can benefit not just those who are starting to try and get back on their feet, but also a large selection of the Australian population. Community living has long been known to not only provide a safe and stable place for an individual to […]

Coping with housing stress


Coping with Housing Stress Decent, affordable housing reduces stress. One of the main points of Sanctuary place is to provide housing to those who are homeless – but how do people become homeless? Many surveys have found that stress is a high contributor too many issues in people’s lives. Stress when exacerbated, can cause fear, […]

Do you really know what homelessness is?

Do You Really Understand Homelessness? Homelessness isn’t just sleeping on the street, and it’s because of this that the majority of the population don’t realise how bad the Australian homeless situation is.   It’s also classified as those who are couch surfing, living in an overcrowded or an inadequate dwelling, sleeping in your car, or […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Understanding the importance of physiological needs.​ Understanding the importance of physiological needs. This is a bold statement, but once your physiological needs are taken care of, the rest of your life can fall into place. According to a theory in psychology by Abraham Maslow, the ‘Maslow Hierarchy of Needs’; there are different levels of human […]

Affordable Homes for the homeless.

sanctuary place

Affordable Homes for the homeless. One of our main mandate’s here at Sanctuary Place is to create the ultimate homes for those who are in need of support for example the homeless. There has been confusion in the past about who can call a Sanctuary Place house home, and the answer is: absolutely everyone! If […]

Independent Retirement Living

Independent Retirement living Here at Sanctuary Place, we’re focused on being a housing support service that can provide affordable housing to as many Australians as possible.   Our housing services are based on European models that have been around for thousands of years – and have been working for just as long.   While independent […]

Housing the Homeless

Housing the Homeless Have you ever given much thought to the basic needs of humans?   Maybe you haven’t – which is understandable, as many wouldn’t until they were stuck in that situation themselves.   But housing is considered to be one of the most basic human needs.   Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who […]

Affordable Housing at Sanctuary Place

We’re so proud to bring you the first article from Sanctuary Place – and today we’re focusing on affordable housing, the only kind of housing we offer. Here at Sanctuary Place, it is our aim to bring the state of homelessness in Australia down, and they way we can do that is by building the […]