sanctuary place about us


Sanctuary Place is a social enterprise. It centres and flows around an organic eco-system of community development. Its ethos is permanent culture, which expands to stand for a culture to regenerate and self-maintain quality of life. We believe the heart of the home is in the kitchen, and nurture this through the provision of our add-on Pantry Package and Food and Faith program.

Care for the Earth

Care for Others

A fair share for all

Our Mission

To provide comfortable and affordable housing of exceptional quality while being eco-friendly and organic in nature.
Sanctuary Place is committed to the best practice service delivery with a genuine sense of warmth, friendliness, pride and community spirit.
Sanctuary Place: where focus and  purpose come together to re-establish the lives of  people in a positive and rewarding way.

Our Vision

A Sanctuary Place residence represents a unique opportunity for those people who seek a comfortable level of independent living to encounter a haven that they can call home.
A Sanctuary Place residence proffers a lifestyle centred on our occupants being afforded freedom, dignity, respect and safety in a micro-community of like‑minded men or women.




– We are an organisation that believes in its people and is people centred.
– Our leaders and coordinators are role models that embody our core values, and they are accountable.
– We willingly work in teams to provide excellent levels of care and consideration.
– Our teams are strong and successful because we all contribute and always seek ways to improve.
– We encourage and recognise innovative social inclusion.


– We affirm that it is our occupants fundamental human right to be treated with dignity, compassion and respect at all times.
– We listen to our residents, the community and each other.
– We welcome new ideas and ways of doing things to enhance our residents’ experience.
– We treat our colleagues and residents with the dignity and respect, and truly care about those around us.
– Each of us is responsible for culture and performance.
– We have zero tolerance for bullying. No individual, no matter how senior, is exempt.


– We want our residents’ micro-communities to have confidence in their local services.
– We foster greater confidence and cooperation through open communication.
– We welcome the use of feedback as a tool to evolve and improve.
– We encourage our residents and staff to speak up and voice their ideas as well as their opinions by making it clear that speaking up is valued and worthwhile.
– We communicate with integrity and clarity.


– We encourage and support workplace and house decision making and innovation.
– We accept that with workplace and house decision making comes responsibility and accountability.
– We make the best and most efficient use of resources and experience to meet resident and community expectations.
– While we seek direction from our leaders, we believe that everyone is empowered to make a difference in our work place, and your home place.
– As individuals, we can improve our workplace, house culture and performance by addressing issues that could otherwise potentially hold us back.
– We strive for individual strengths based approach for our residents and our teams.
– We advocate a delivery of the best possible outcomes of support and services.