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About Sanctuary Place

Sanctuary Place Mission


Sanctuary Place’s mission is to provide a long-term, sustainable, self-perpetuating response to the homelessness crisis in Australia by providing viable housing solutions for those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We believe every individual, regardless of their hardship or history has the right to needs such as housing, care, and safety in a dignified and empowering manner. Sanctuary Place proven housing model is built on the right for everyone having a home regardless of circumstances.

The Sanctuary Place Difference

Sanctuary Place recognises meeting the immediate needs of the disadvantaged community, with a place to call home is vital. However, more is required to inspire and enable those individuals to find purpose and value in their everyday lives. The Restorative Life Support (RLS) program enables individuals to transition into our community through a structured program which not only re-instates a persons’ dignity and purpose but allows them to connect with our industry partners to encourage and inspire direction for their recovery and rehabilitation. The Restorative Life Support program is the key to create constructive long-term change in a dignified, non-judgmental space.

Sanctuary Place has been a self-sustaining social enterprise for the last six years in which most of the care supports for those that qualify funding has come through the building partnership, via our in-house construction and building company.

Another significant business focus is the submission of grant and funding applications. Our expectation is to receive support from government and private sector in the form of financial support, which will enable us to grow and continue to deliver care and assistance to the marginalized in the community.

Our Vision

We thrive by assisting vulnerable live an independent life in place they can call home.

Sanctuary Place is committed to meeting housing needs of the low-income earners, the homeless, the disabled, victims of domestic violence and individuals with a criminal conviction.

Business structure

Sanctuary Place Living has expanded from a single purpose entity providing affordable housing solutions for vulnerable to a multiple business vertical delivering not only housing, but also Aged Care, disability support and general care for those that need it most.

  1. Construction 
  2. SPL Care 
  3. SPL Living Homes 
  4. SPL Works 
  5. SPL temporary accommodation
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs - Sanctuary Place Living

Our Values

We make every effort to reflect the following CORE values in our workplace, our community and in our conduct. We encourage our participants to also embrace these values with a view to maintaining a peaceful and harmonious living environment.


People First: We are a community-centric team that believes people deserve dignity and respect. 

Teamwork: We are focused, compassionate, and work hard to ensure high levels of care and a pleasant living environment for our participants.  

Excellence: We strive to exceed our participants’ expectations as a trusted housing provider.

Recognition:  We encourage, acknowledge, and applaud outstanding performance.

Integrity: We follow the highest level of ethical standards by our commitment to always doing the right thing. 


Mindfulness: We encourage self-awareness to our participants to embrace and interact with other stakeholders & community services.

Communication: We foster greater confidence and cooperation through open & honest dialogue.

Feedback: We value constructive assessment and opinions to evolve and improve our service to the community.

Honesty: We communicate and interact with integrity and clarity.

Open Minded: We welcome suggestions and ideas leading to new processes enhancing our services.


Rights: We believe everyone has the right to be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect.

Input: We listen to our participants, the community, and the team members. 

Diversity: We are and equal opportunity organisation that celebrates our cultural diversity.

Code of Conduct: We have zero tolerance for bullying and rude behavior. 


Impactful: We empower our organisation and community to make a difference and seek personal achievements. 

Boost: As individuals we work tirelessly to improve our workplace, culture, and performance by addressing issues.

We offer a wide array of services aimed at simplifying your life