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Decent, affordable housing reduces stress. One of the main points of Sanctuary place is to provide housing to those who are homeless – but how do people become homeless? Many surveys have found that stress is a high contributor too many issues in people’s lives. Stress when exacerbated, can cause fear, worry, chronic health or mental health issues, and, in extreme circumstances, homelessness.

What is housing stress?

Coping with stress can be hard, but dealing with stress in a healthy way will make yourself, the people you care about, and your community stronger.  Especially in these uncertain times like during the COVID pandemic, and depending on your background, your support, your financial situation, your health and emotional background or the community you live in, your brain will react differently to stress than others.

Housing stress is defined as having to pay more than 30% of your income in housing costs. With the cost of housing in regional Australia rising rapidly this is far more common than most people think

Healthy ways to cope with stress can include:

Knowing what to do if you are sick or possibly concerned about COVID,

Knowing how and where to get treatments for different issues you may be facing,

Taking care of your emotional needs,

Taking breaks from media and social media,

Taking care of your body, or

Connecting with community or faith-based organisations.

If you would like more times on managing stress, anxiety or COVID, you can read more here; or head to SPLCare phone directory to talk to someone for support.

Sanctuary Place provides affordable housing by building homes for single adults to live together in harmony if you would like to express your interest in a room in one of our houses visit our applications page

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