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We’re so proud to bring you the first article from Sanctuary Place – and today we’re focusing on affordable housing, the only kind of housing we offer. Here at Sanctuary Place, it is our aim to bring the state of homelessness in Australia down, and they way we can do that is by building the homes ourselves. Our homes are brand new, modern and built to the highest standards. After our houses are built, (in a super quick time frame), we then are able to have the rooms available to rent out at affordable prices!

Affordable housing is so hard to come by these days in Australia, especially in the Maitland and Hunter area, so our independent living structures that feature 3 & 4 bedroom houses are solving the problem, one room at a time. Being able to home 3 or more people at one time is how we can look at the solution to the homelessness issue that plagues Australia; and not just give someone a roof, but a home. That is the core of our model – that Sanctuary Place provides safe, secure and dignified housing to those in the most need. Somewhere stable and reliable to help get anyone back on their feet!