There really is a wide variety of reasons why community living can benefit not just those who are starting to try and get back on their feet, but also a large selection of the Australian population. Community living has long been known to not only provide a safe and stable place for an individual to grow and become a better part of society, but it also has a range of benefits including:

Of all these points, the increased social interaction opportunities can truly benefit those who have possibly been diagnosed with mental or health issues, or the elderly. And this was the basis for the beginnings of Sanctuary Place – being able to support Australians, in a way that is cohesive with any others programs they might be undertaking.

Although there can be a certain stigma surrounding community living, developments in the rate of homelessness and increasing social community issues have proved that the benefits far outweighs the cons – and we’re encouraging every occupant to be open and honest with us so we can continue to bring the best services to Australian homes that we possibly can. For more information, get in touch with us today.

the benifits of community living

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