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Have you ever given much thought to the basic needs of humans?

Maybe you haven’t – which is understandable, as many wouldn’t until they were stuck in that situation themselves.

But housing is considered to be one of the most basic human needs.

Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who studied the needs of everyone, fully researched people in every different situation of life, and found common characteristics throughout – and found that the happiest of humans constantly had five needs met, which he saw in a hierarchy, a list, from highest to lowest.

The highest of these needs are the physical survival needs – food, drink, shelter, sleep and oxygen.

A person who doesn’t have these needs met, is not able, or unlikely to met any more needs like social or work related aspects which in turn affects psychological states.

In turn, those who are homeless, or without a permanent home, are therefore unlikely to be able to become productive members of society – which is what Sanctuary Place is all about.

Independent living in an affordable home built by us is servicing the most basic and highest level of Maslow needs for Australian’s; and encouraging them, step by step to turn their live s around, or simply keep them on the same track to better their lives.

Don’t forget, if you know someone who we can help house, or want some help yourself, simply head to the expression of interest section of our website to apply today!