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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a permanent supportive home?

A permanent supportive home is an affordable shared housing solution for people who want quality accommodation.

It also provides residents with an opportunity to take advantage of integrated services to support wellbeing.

What is the culture ethos of Sanctuary Place?

Sanctuary Place social enterprise centres and flows around an organic and sustainable ecosystem that promotes personal and community development. This philosophy expands to stand for permanent culture to regenerate and self-maintaining quality of life.

How does a permanent supportive home work?

Permanent supportive homes are four- or five-bedroom homes shared by compatible participants. Each person has a private room (many with ensuites) while living areas are shared.

A coordinator visits each home once a week to discuss needs (including individual support requirements) and help with house planning, such as kitchen rosters, as required.

Who can qualify for a permanent supportive home?

Permanent supportive homes are suitable for people with limited financial resources in accordance with the Sanctuary Place threshold.

It may be also ideal for those that want or need to live in a supportive community environment that offers support.

What are the benefits living in a permanent supportive home?

  • A comfortable living environment in a new home that is furnished.
  • Secure Community Living
  • Convenience well-located houses close to shops, hospitals, and community facilities.
  • Community transport and skills development support.
  • External services are linked in and managed through individual support plans.

What is the occupancy fee?

It is a weekly fee for one private bedroom & generally ensuite plus shared common space including, kitchen, living and dining rooms.

Do the houses have furniture?

Homes are tastefully furnished.

Does the weekly fee cover the utilities?

Yes, the occupancy weekly fee includes utilities (water, gas & electricity).

Who is responsible for general maintenance, lawn, and landscaping?

Lawn, and general maintenance will be maintained by Sanctuary Place.

Who is responsible for cleaning?

Cleaning is the responsibility of each household occupant.

Does anyone have access to my room?

The confines of the residence are a resident only area. However, Sanctuary Place inspection team members have access.

May I have guests or visitors?

No. In some of our communities, there are separate external meeting area for visitors, families, and residents.

The Power of an hour

Accessible accommodation, care and support within the hour for the people who need it most

Sanctuary Place has changed how to effectively and efficiently help homeless by providing housing solutions combined with services to elevate the community participants’ self-esteem. Breaking the root cause, giving everyone regardless of the despair they may be in a fresh start and an opportunity to live their best life is what we thrive for. In 2016, Sanctuary Place Living created its first four-bedroom property in Rutherford, NSW. Today we can provide housing within an hour for interested and qualified applicants that are looking for a safe and clean home.