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Supportive & Permanent Solution to your Housing Needs

Our Process

Sanctuary Place assesses the participant to determine the appropriate level of support required. The participant also agrees to our housing rules and expectations prior to securing a property. We collaborate with our community affiliations to establish practical solutions and resources to support our participants situation.

Sanctuary Place facilitates the opportunity to improve participants lives.

 The Restorative Life Support program is the critical component in supporting convicted offenders by changing their environment, improving their social behaviours, whilst providing strategies to sustain a purposeful life. We walk this road together, one step at a time, knowing future is not defined by past. With the support of SPL Care, our participants can make a positive change to a restorative life.

Our Process

The Process



Each prospective resident will be required to complete an application form.


Applicants will also need to sign an authority form authorising due diligence checks to be carried out. We will also do an over the phone questionnaire to gather more information to determine the correct placement.


Each prospective resident will be interviewed for the opportunity to become a Sanctuary Place resident.


Should the application be accepted, the applicant will be required to sign an Occupancy Agreement and confirm in writing that they have read, understood and agree to abide by the standard of living and expectations of Sanctuary Place.

If you would like to enquire about becoming a Sanctuary Place resident, please apply below or contact us today at 02 4086 4945