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One of our main mandate’s here at Sanctuary Place is to create the ultimate homes for those who are in need of support for example the homeless. There has been confusion in the past about who can call a Sanctuary Place house home, and the answer is: absolutely everyone! If you would like to understand our mission read this.

We cater our services and support to make sure that we don’t discriminate like a standard real estate agency would. Our fully integrated application process is designed to be as simple and pain-free as possible, in terms everyone will understand, and we try to make ourselves available as much as possible to answer any questions or queries that arise.

homes for the homeless

Our inclusions for any services we offer for affordable housing are wide, so we won’t knock you back just because you’re on a pension, Newstart or haven’t worked in a while.

We’re interested in your story.

What’s happened in your life?

What stage of life are you in?

What makes you want to call Sanctuary Place home?

We’re in the unique position to offer homes to the homeless in Maitland, Newcastle and Cessnock. We offer homes to the most vulnerable individuals or people simply down on their luck – or even just those who want a beautiful, modern and cheap rental!

If you think we can help you – then get in touch today! 

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