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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

This is a bold statement, but once your physiological needs are taken care of, the rest of your life can fall into place.

According to a theory in psychology by Abraham Maslow, the ‘Maslow Hierarchy of Needs’; there are different levels of human needs. The most basic need is physiological – which is at the bottom, and states that everyone at first needs food, water, warmth & rest. They then elevate one after the other continually, next with Safety, then Belonging/Love, Esteem   and finally Self-Actualisation. In today’s society it’s believed that once these needs are more or less met, we will have a fulfilled life and gain self actualisation.

One of the common features that we can see at Sanctuary Place in people struggling, is the lack of a safe and secure home. It makes perfect sense that once you have established a safe and secure home i.e. the most basic Maslow needs of Physiological and Safety, you can then move on to create a great life. 

And this is how Sanctuary Place can support Australians. Having affordable housing that is safe, secure and reliable, should be a given – however it is not – until you meet with Sanctuary Place. One of our main aims is to support residence with not only a safe, secure  & warm home, but also to attain higher levels in their psychological and physiological needs.
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