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Here at Sanctuary Place, we’re focused on being a housing support service that can provide affordable housing to as many Australians as possible.

Our housing services are based on European models that have been around for thousands of years – and have been working for just as long.

While independent retirement living might be the aim of most once a certain age is reached, it’s not always a viable option – and we would like to change that. If you are looking simply looking for a home that is easily affordable, and comes with built in friends, Sanctuary Place can help.

Despite our main mission being housing homeless, Sanctuary Place are able to offer both our retirement aged residents a room to keep, that offers all utilities paid for (one less hassle to worry about) with modern amenities and furniture, in a stable, safe and secure home.

A housing support service can sometimes be hit and miss with what they’re offering – often either too light on the support, or too expensive for the average Australian.

Sanctuary Place would like to change that, to offer a safe, secure and dignified home, that has all the support required by the resident, in a totally inexpensive setting.

Our affordable housing is also strategically located close to transport,shops, hospitals and community facilities. Because of this, we’re in a position to be able to offer many older Australian’s a place to call home, that suits all of their needs and won’t drag them under financially.

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