Our Homes

Are you tired of the stress of renting, dealing with landlords, constant cost increases, no lasting security or privacy?

Sanctuary Place may be the answer.


We offer newly built, fully-furnished homes that allow affordable housing for people who are on a pension or Newstart.

Our occupants lifestyle is centred around freedom, dignity, respect and safety in a micro-community of like-minded men or women. 


Each Sanctuary Place residence provides quality communal features including a kitchen, dining room, living room, laundry and much more.


We encourage a communal arrangement between our occupants when it comes to preparing and cooking meals and sharing other household duties. Your room fee is inclusive of electricity, water expenses and house amenities.

Depending on the location of the property and design of the residence, Sanctuary Place offers accommodation for four occupants in each dwelling. One of our support team will attend the residence at least once a week.

Sanctuary Place will provide you with the opportunity to personally grow and live in accordance with the same core values that community-minded people accept as the societal norm. Sanctuary Place offers constant support around the clock for all safety and security concerns.

If you require any additional support, Sanctuary Place will liaise with any current support services in place to ensure your safety. Each prospective occupant will be required to complete an application form. Due diligence and reference checking will always be undertaken


Should the application be accepted, the applicant will be required to sign an agreement and confirm in writing that they have read, understood and agree to abide by the standard of living and expectations of Sanctuary Place


Below is a list of items which form the foundation of Sanctuary Place residences.


– Room fee is per room per week is inclusive of utilities.
– Lawn, cleaning and general maintenance will be decided on a co-operative level.
– Smoking inside the residence is not permitted.
– Group rules will be established.
– The confines of the residence are a occupant only area.
– Separate external meeting area for visitors, families and occupants.
– Your home will be tastefully decorated with comfort afforded throughout.
– External community organisations will be encouraged to provide services.




The heart of every home is the kitchen. It’s a place where we break bread and brew a pot of coffee, or tea, where our creative spirit takes over for a Sunday roast, BBQ on the deck or an Italian night with that wonderfully old handed-down recipe.


Who home bakes amazing fluffy scones or can put together the most delicious trifle for those with a sweet tooth?


The collection of us makes our kitchen the true heart of every happy, functioning and well-balanced home.


Sanctuary Place encourages you to cook, prepare and share.

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