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    The Benefits of Community Living

    There really is a wide variety of reasons why community living can benefit not just those who are starting to try and get back on their feet, but also a large selection of the Australian population. Community living has long been known to not only provide a safe and stable place for an individual to grow and become a better part of society, but it also has a range of benefits including: Access to wellness programs Access to specialise services Easier access to transportation Easier access to professional health services Access to healthier dining options Make easier, or lower the need for home & yard maintenance, and Open the door…

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    Coping with housing stress

    Decent, affordable housing reduces stress. One of the main points of Sanctuary place is to provide housing to those who are homeless – but how do people become homeless? Many surveys have found that stress is a high contributor too many issues in people’s lives. Stress when exacerbated, can cause fear, worry, chronic health or mental health issues, and, in extreme circumstances, homelessness.  Coping with stress can be hard, but dealing with stress in a healthy way will make yourself, the people you care about, and your community stronger.  Especially in these uncertain times like during the COVID pandemic, and depending on your background, your support, your financial situation, your…