Letter of Reference

Our letter to you,

What makes Sanctuary Place unique and innovative?

From the moment an expression of interest is completed, our administrative support services will respond within a quantitative time frame, for entry level application enquiries.

An applicant has the benefit of accessing Sanctuary Place through external services who can provide our support team with the background history for appropriate housing needs. Sanctuary Place also has coordinators who can be contacted via details on this website, to assist with occupancy applications while also providing answers to any queries or questions that services or applicants may have.

Our room fee is inclusive of utilities, in quality homes that are purpose built with privacy in mind. The occupants are encouraged to build social relationships with like minded people in a supportive community environment.
Dignity, respect and safety begin with a key to a fully furnished quality Sanctuary Place home.

The occupant can start their day with breakfast items that are included in the ‘Food and Faith”  pantry package. The Pantry Package is a list of grocery items, fresh produce and ideas for a cooking club.

The occupant can continue their day with ease of access to community participation and health services such as a day at the movies or other social events, or appointments with health services and doctors.

Sanctuary Place support team can, when and if required, advocate with existing external services. Support teams also provide qualitative facilitation with outreach services to coordinate a cohesive network for community engagement. Our aims are to provide a best practice level of wrap-around and holistic services that is person centred and strengths based.

Sanctuary Place encourages and supports a permanent culture ethos that includes ‘how to build community’.  Occupant can enjoy working in the sustainable and permaculture garden growing seasonal vegetables, being in the kitchen baking or link in to the community with an innovative concept called TASKIT.

If the community has a task then Sanctuary Place has a skills-based handy person that can TASKIT. Each and every handy person has a national police check and a work with children check. We have an information package available for the Sanctuary Place TASKIT concept.
Sanctuary Place correlates a foundation for a  new direction and outlook of social inclusion with the stability and knowledge of a place to call home. Toolbox and group meetings, consultation and open lines of communication bring together a productive and manageable lifestyle that is not only valuable and enjoyable but also worthwhile.

When the lights of a home are  switched off at night each occupants can sleep with the knowledge they have begun to put the steps in place to carve a new path of support and direction called ….. Sanctuary Place.
Best Regards from the team

Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent supportive homes

Sanctuary Place is a social enterprise that provides permanent supportive homes.

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A permanent supportive home is an affordable shared housing solution for people who want quality accommodation. It affords occupants a permanent home for security of tenure.

It affords occupants a brand new shared home, beautifully appointed with the latest fixtures and fittings.
It provides occupants with an opportunity to take advantage of services – integrated services to support wellbeing and additional services for individual support that is person centred.

A permanent supportive home functions within an ethos of permanent culture.

Sanctuary Place social enterprise centres and flows around an organic and sustainable ecosystem that promotes personal and community development.  This ethos expands to stand for permanent culture to regenerate and self-maintain your quality of life.
Permanent supportive homes are four bedroom homes shared by compatible occupants.

Occupants have their own rooms (many with ensuites) while living areas are for shared use.
Room fee is inclusive of utilities.

A coordinator visits each home once a week to discuss needs (including individual support requirements) and help with house planning, such as kitchen rosters, as required.

The heart of every home is the kitchen, creating connection through cooking and sharing food.

Life is made easy through courtesy transport, available on service days for drop-offs and pick-ups.

Each home will have a community garden to enjoy – whether a rustic garden bed with seasonal vegetables, a vertical garden with strawberries, a herb garden, espalier fruit trees or hay raised garden beds – and beautiful flowers for companion planting.

Life is made more meaningful through optional skills development (such as cooking or handy work) and community engagement projects for income support.

It is for people seeking a comfortable and safe home to live in

It is for people with limited financial resources, according to a threshold set out in our criteria.

It is for people who want to live in a community environment that offers support.

Sanctuary Place permanent supportive homes can make a fundamental difference to your quality of life and standard of living.
It offers no-fuss entry level,  occupancy agreements in homes with quality inclusions, budgeting for your kitchen and wrap-around services to suit your needs. Sanctuary Place provides best practice processes.  
A comfortable living environment in a beautiful new home that is furnished and appointed with the latest appliances.
Reverse cycle air-conditioning is provided in the living area.  The homes have several living areas to give individual occupants personal space.
A landscaped front garden and a backyard.
The confines of the residence are a occupant area only;  a separate external meeting area is available for visitors and occupants.
Bedrooms have a king single bed frame and wardrobes. Each bedroom either has an ensuite or shared bathroom with toilet, shower, vanity and mirror.
Permanent community living.
Strategic housing locations that are close to shops, hospitals and community facilities.
Community transport and skills development support.

External services are linked in and managed through individual support plans.

Functional neighbourhoods and social inclusions that benefit all members of the community.

Cost effective.

A strength and skills-based approach to meet community expectations to empower, innovate and harmonise community culture.

Open lines of communication through mediation for problem-solving.

A safety net for the people in our community

The key outcome for occupants of a permanent supportive home is improved quality of life via:

– Stability
– Minimised stress
– Safety, dignity and respect
– Better physical health through supported access to health services
– Healthy lifestyle
– Enabled family connections
– Supported personal development
– Community inclusion and social connection

Available on Request

– Ease of access to information and applications
– Homes that are fully furnished with quality inclusions (if required)
– Complete privacy in a community living environment
– Wrap around services
– Holistic support that is person centred
– Community engagement
– Functionality within a micro and macro community

– A strengths approach to an improved quality of life
– Innovative
– Food and Faith (upon request)
– Cost effective
– Toolbox meeting
– Genuine interest in health and well being
– Access to new trends in healthy living

Points of Difference

Additonal Bonus Packages;

Food and Faith

Are available on request at an addiontal cost.

Contact Sanctuary Place for more information.